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    Re: i want to apply filter on all worksheets available in dashboard,and i have a list of worksheets in a parameter drop down and when i am selecting the other sheet my filter show no item in drop list,so please help me to get the values in filter for all?

    vijay gurbaxani

      Sorry but this is not the case with me,actually let me explain it again.

      suppose there are two worksheets on a dashboard and both are having same filter fields like A and B.

      so what we usually do right click on top right corner of a sheet and select filters as A and B then it comes on our dashboard right.

      next step is we make them as multiple drop list and show only relevant data,  i hope till this activity i am clear .

      after that if i have drop down of two sheets like Sheet1 an sheet2 then like i said both are common filters for both the sheets then it should show data for both but it is showing data for "sheet1" and no items for "sheet2".


      please reply.