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    Need to Create Barchart(Continous or Splitted) By using Below Dimensions and Dimension Values

    kusa Adigarla



      I Need to create a Horizontal barchart by each trade number with below dimesions and dimesion values. Bar chart should actually like below data.

      Note: Whenever there is Yellow or Red we should highlight with color or shape in barchart  and Column order should not change. We do not have any measures all are dimension values.


      Data is like below,


      Trade No   Column1      Column2        Column3       column4          Column5         column6          column7


      1111            Green           Green           Green            Yellow              Red                  Green             Green

      2222           Green           Yellow           Green            Green              Green                 Red              Green

      3333           Green            Red              Green             Green             Yellow               Green            Green

      4444           Green           Green           Green             Green             Green                Yellow            Green

      5555           Yellow           Green           Green             Green             Red                   Green            Green

      6666           Green           Green           Green              Red               Yellow                Green            Yellow