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    How to install tableau server 2018.2 on Linux(Red Hat 7.5)

    Michelle cai

      Hey Guys.


      I want to install tableau server 2018.2 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5.  Below is the configuration i want:

      • Tableau server version: 2018.2
      • System version : Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5
      • Use active directory type to authenticate users
      • Single sign on

      I feel confuse when i look the official document about install tableau server on Linux. Anyone can help me? It would be very appreciate if any kindly advise.

      • I can use Kerberos to set up single sign-on on windows. if i want to achieve single sign-on on Linux, how should i do? I don't know what's mean about  LDAP simple bind & LDAP GSSAPI bind. Whether it's necessary for me to set up LDAP?