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    How to get more than 1month and 3months information

    Sri K

      Hi All,


      I am facing a challenge to calculate the below information:


      Requirement was :


        1. RAG status of Red > 1 month
        2. Amber status > 3 months
        3. Not Reported > 45 days, and(from database itself we are getting more than 45 days information for N/R)
        4. % = (Red > 1 month + Amber > 3 months + N/R > 45 days ) / Total investments


      Issue 1 :I can able to calculate the a, b, c in different sheets(PFA workbook).(How I have achieved: each sheet I have changed the snapshot month filter based on the requirement). But as per the requirement we should display everything in single sheet

      Issue 2 : I am unable to get the % calculation due to changing the snapshot date filter based on requirement for each RAG.


      Thanks in advance.