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    Maps Based on Region- Countries made into One region

    murtaza farooqui

      Good Afternoon,


      I have a map in tableau, in which all countries are grouped by Region

      Example India,Vietnam,Thailand etc are called pacific region. European countries, Africa and Austrailia are called one region.


      I am using filled map which works absolutely fine until when I have to divide USA and Canada. I have USA,Canada east and USA,Canada west.So to divide the USA map in east and west We included cities and states but when we include city and state only for USA the rest of the globe goes blank or turns into small circles leaving USA with a filled map.


      What I need is a divide between USA and Canada based on east and west.


      Do I need to include states and provinces for other countries as well??


      Please advice.



      I have attached a twbx Version 2018.3