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    Tableau Public + Google Drive , caches and GDPR

    Caroline Beavon

      I am working on a project for a client where we are collecting information (including some personal information) from other organisations, and mapping it in a public dashboard.


      The data will be stored on Google Drive and published to Tableau Public.


      All the right permissions etc will be sought at the point of data collection.

      I will be transparent about the involvement of data processors Google and Tableau (as well as myself and any other sub-contractors) - and get relevant permissions


      However, under GDPR participants have the right for their data to be changed / removed in the future.


      Tableau Public does a daily refresh from Google Drive - so in theory data can be changed within 24 hours, but may there be caching issues? (I have seen that TPublic caches up to a week).


      Thank you