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    How to get the record value by comparing dates from a single field

    Dhivya Narayanasamy

      Hello Everyone,


      I am new here


      I have a list of people ID who has attended training from 2014 to 2018. I need to get details of number of people who has not attended training in 2017 and attended in 2018.




      i filtered the year ("Start date") to 2017 and 2018. and used no of records to check how many people attended.

      Now how do i get number of records from this list that who has attended training in 2018 and not in 2017?

      i tried this in the calculation. but it shows Null value.

      SUM(IF ISNULL(YEAR([Start Date])=2017) AND NOT ISNULL(YEAR([Start Date]) =2018) THEN 1 END)


      Any help is much apprecited. I have attached a mock up excel data to give you some idea.

      Best Regards,