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    Manipulate bar graph to customize the length of the bar

    Juhn Mer

      Dear Tableau Experts,


      My title is the best I can do, but if you are confused right off the bat, I hope this body will make it a bit clearer.


      In my picture below, the "Combined" shows all records completed by Staff and Management. It shows that Staff has done more on a quarterly and yearly basis. Then, I had to break them into a  bar again, this time showing Staff only on one bar, and Management only on the other. My dilemma is that, looking at the bar in each cell, it looks as if they are almost the same unless you look at the Label which is the no of records.


      Is there a way I can make my management bar per cell a little shorter, that is I'd like to show that management portion is really small compared to the staff bar? So, if I am comparing Staff/Q1/FY2019 vs Management/Q1/FY2019, that will be 368 vs 60. But looking at the bar, they look just the same, which to me is misleading. How do I break this behavior, if I may call it, of Tableau. If I need to provide more information, can you revert please.


      By the way, I also attached the workbook I am working on to get this picture.


      Thanks so much, and I appreciate all responses you may extend.