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    "Sharing" data between overlapping date periods


      Hi all,


      I am making some overlapping date periods (look like this)



      and am noticing that my period from 11/5 - 11/18 is stealing metrics from 1/1 - 11/18. You can easily see it here:



      The blue bar (1/1 - 11/18) is ending when the orange bar (11/5 - 11/18) begins – Id like them both to end on 11/18/2018 and "share."


      I see two options but can't figure out either.


      #1 would be to create the overlapping periods.

      #2 would be to be able to add the 11/5 - 11/18 period into the 1/1 - 11/18 period (for several different metrics)


      #2 sounds scary and complex for any further analysis.


      Help appreciated!


      TWBX attached