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    Flow of funds


      I am struggling to create sankey chart with the attached dataset, if anyone could help in this then it would be great.


      Explaination of dataset:


      -- Categories is in




      -- Subcategories is from column D to column J


      -- Filter will be date_pull (so at a time we will do this for a single month)


      -- prior_month_amount is the balance



      Flow example::

      The first row of excel file is:


      date_pullproduct_flow_to_fund_descprior_month_amountoutflow amountTo_AAATo_BBBTo_CCCTo_DDDTo_EEETo_Other


      Which means for product_flow_to_fund_desc as 'CCC' (which will be on left side of sankey chart) the amount was '237847'  out of which '32000' went to 'To_CCC' (it will be subcategory on right side of sankey chart)

      and '190500' went to 'To_Other' (it will be subcategory on right side of sankey chart) . So this is the flow which I want see.


      This example was just for one row, what i want to do is basically for any given date (i.e. 7/31/2018) take one category (i.e. from column product_flow_to_fund_desc), sum up the column 'prior_month' and

      then sum up the individual columns from column D to column J. So we can see how much was the balance in category and how much of that flowed in each sub-category.


      Any help is highly appreciated.