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    List of attributes, some not assigned

    Carrie Atwood

      I have two tables: one is a list of attributes, the other is a list of values.  They are joined on an ID.  Every Value has an ID that matches an attribute, but some attributes do not have an ID because they actually apply to ALL of the values.  Because of this they show as Null.


      I would like to show that all these attributes that don't have an ID are attributes of each of the values, along with the attributes that are assigned using the ID join.  In the example below, all of these Values are red and juicy.  If I were to filter by just apple, I would like it to show red, juicy, fruit, and medium, or that there are 4 attributes assigned to apple.  Below is an image and I have also attached a packaged workbook of a very basic data set.


      Is this something that can be easily done without changing the underlying data?


      Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 3.16.07 PM.png