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    UI Namespace Tableau Extension changes not saving in Tableau Server

    Sanjay C

      I was working on an extension similar to UI Namespace Sample extension ("extensions-api/Samples/UINamespace at master · tableau/extensions-api · GitHub ") provided by Tableau.

      I have hosted the files in the application server (https enabled) and pointing the trex file to the files hosted there.

      I am able to drag the extension to Tableau Desktop, select the input from the dialog box and the page refreshes based on the input provided.

      After I save the dashboard and publish it to the tableau server, I am not able to see the changes saved before publishing. It comes back to the initial state "Configure extension to Proceed".

      I tried editing it directly in Tableau Server but still resulted in the same issue.

      The changes are not being saved when the workbook is published.

      Could you please let me know if I am missing something or if anyone had the same issue able to resolve it?