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    Dual Axis - Use as Filter

    Tyson Andrews



      I have a dual axis bar graph. One bar is the sum of payments (Sum([Payment]), another is the the sum of late payments (IF [Late Flag] = 1 THEN [Payment] END) with each column being a different payment type.


      I want to 'use as filter' the report, so when I click on the sum of  it filters my table by the payment type, but when I click on the late payment bar, it filters my report by payment type, and payments that are late.


      The problem is each bar just filters the payment type.  Since both calculations look at all payment IDs, the table doesn't filter out on time payments.


      I've tried duplicating the data source, creating a data source filter on [Late Flag] = 1 then using the duplicated data source for the sum of late payments (IF [Late Flag] = 1 THEN SUM([Payment])) calculation, but it's still not filtering my table correctly.


      Any solutions?




      Thank you for your time,