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    How to create a multi-colored progress bar? One that has a circle which slides when I vary numbers from 1-100

    Viresh Maheswari

      My project demands me to make a horizontal bar with 5 different colors(1-20 Blue, 21-40 Green...81-100 Red). The underlying data when varied across 1-100 should give me a circle/indicator as to where I am.

      The below image should give you an idea of what it should look like. It should be continuous (discrete steps like points 1,2,3,4,5 will not do).



      The indicator of the progress should be a circle on top of this, or maybe an arrow above or below it (or any other form of indicator will do, something as illustrated below).


      The best way to make a bar graph like this seems to be the below(just make it horizontal instead of vertical):




      Could you kindly help me with the simplest way to design this. Cannot share the working file, but the data set above is fairly simple to replicate.


      Thanks a ton in advance. I guess a lot of us might have similar questions.