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    53 label calculations, Tooltip doesnt accept all 53

    jon rios

      hello, i have a parameter with 53 different calculations... some are %, $ or plain #'s.... becuase of this displaying formatted numbers correctly is difficult. so i created a calculation for each metric in my parameter, formatted these calculations accordingly and drag this onto label field... this works.  BUT when i want to use this in tooltip, i want to copy/paste the label field into tooltip field BUT tooltip field cuts me off!, there are 53 calculations, but tooltip will only show 44, its like it is a limited text field....


      anyway around this!  here is the labels below.


      <AGG($m3_ [Total Revenue]_label)><AGG(%m3_ [% of Accounts 1+ Cpd]_label)><AGG(%m3_ [% of Accounts 2+ Cpd]_label)><AGG(%m3_ [% of Accounts 3+ Cpd]_label)><AGG(%m3_ [% Of Accounts With a Purchase]_label)><AGG(%m3_ [% Of Accounts With Balance Transfer/Active]_label)><AGG(%m3_ [% Of Accounts With Balance Transfer/Open]_label)><AGG(%m3_ [% Of Accounts With Cash Advance/Active]_label)><AGG(%m3_ [% Of Accounts With Cash Advance/Open]_label)><AGG(%m3_ [% Of Accounts With Revolving Balance]_label)><AGG(%m3_ [% of Assets 1+ Cpd]_label)><AGG(%m3_ [% of Assets 2+ Cpd]_label)><AGG(%m3_ [% of Assets 3+ Cpd]_label)><AGG(%m3_ [Active Rate]_label)><AGG(%m3_ [Asset Charge-Off Rate]_label)><AGG(%m3_ [Average Balance Transfer APR]_label)><AGG(%m3_ [Average Cash Advance APR]_label)><AGG(%m3_ [Average Monthly Payment Rate]_label)><AGG(%m3_ [Average Retail APR]_label)><AGG(%m3_ [Balance Control Ratio]_label)><AGG(%m3_ [Credit Line Utilization]_label)><AGG(%m3_ [Cummulative Dollar Charge Off Rate]_label)><AGG(%m3_ [Cummulative Unit Charge Off Rate]_label)><AGG(%m3_ [Effective Asset Yield]_label)><AGG(%m3_ [Effective Finance Charge Yield]_label)><AGG(%m3_ [Good Bad Ratio]_label)><AGG(%m3_ [Open Rate]_label)><AGG(%m3_ [Unit Charge-Off Rate]_label)><AGG(%m3_ [Voluntary Asset Attrition]_label)><AGG(%m3_ [Voluntary Unit Attrition]_label)><AGG($m3_ [Average Credit Line]_label)><AGG($m3_ [Average Daily Balance / Active]_label)><AGG($m3_ [Average Daily Balance / Open]_label)><AGG($m3_ [Avg. Open to Buy]_label)><AGG($m3_ [Cash Advance / Active]_label)><AGG($m3_ [Cash Advance / Open]_label)><AGG($m3_ [Delinquency Balance]_label)><AGG($m3_ [Good Balance]_label)><AGG($m3_ [Gross Balance Transfer Fee Revenue]_label)><AGG($m3_ [Gross Other Fee Revenue]_label)><AGG($m3_ [Interchange Revenue]_label)><AGG($m3_ [Interest Revenue]_label)><AGG($m3_ [Monthly Purchase Volume Per Active]_label)><AGG($m3_ [Monthly Purchase Volume Per Purchase Active]_label)><AGG($m3_ [Net Annual Fee Revenue]_label)><AGG($m3_ [Other Fee Waivers]_label)><AGG($m3_ [Other Revenue]_label)><AGG($m3_ [Promotional Balance / Active]_label)><AGG($m3_ [Promotional Balance / Open]_label)><AGG($m3_ [Purchase Balance / Active]_label)><AGG($m3_ [Purchase Balance / Open]_label)><AGG($m3_ [Revolving Balance For Accounts That Revolve]_label)><AGG($m3_ [Risk-Adjusted Revenue]_label)>