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    Tableau Server 2018.2.3 on RHEL7 installation via yum hangs at start

    Bruno Laget Merino

      Hello, everyone!


      I am trying to install Tableau Server 2018.2.3 on a Linux Red Hat machine (actually an AWS instance), and the installation via yum does not proceed past the dependencies check, it can hang for hours and nothing happens.I did all the verifications pre-install, the machine is new and solely dedicated to host TS.

      I ran the following command as root user on /opt/tableau directory:


      yum --verbose install https://downloads.tableau.com/esdalt/2018.2.3/tableau-server-2018-2-3.x86_64.rpm | tee install-ts.log


      The screen is as follows, and the log file I generated is annexed.


      MobaXterm screenshot.png


      Could please someone help me?


      Thank you so much,