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    Active Items in Period of Time

    Slim Jim

      Hello Community!


      Ɓukasz Majewski provided an excellent solution in Items Active between Start and End Date to the problem of identifying active items in a specific window of time given start and end dates. We would like to take this solution one step further by having our dashboard only display the last 18 months. Using Lukasz's solution, though, when we add a filter 'Date Axis LoD' <=18 months the dashboard's axis changes to show only one value and the visualization disappears. That applied filter seems to not be the correct way to solve for this problem of displaying only he last 18 months of the Date Axis LoD.


      Has anyone faced this issue? Have you solve for this?


      I've attached Lukasz's packaged workbook I am referencing, also found in the thread linked above.