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    Just can't wrap my head around it

    Meghan Tillman

      Ok, so in order to meet service level we must complete tasks within 10 days.  I have a calculated field that is counting the days between open and complete.  My boss now wants a count of records that occurred on different day counts so how many had one day, two day, etc etc completions.  I am guessing there is another calculated field or measure I must do that is something like if a count the records with one day two day, etc etc etc.  Or maybe some other way.  I dunno my brain hurts.

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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Megan

          would really like to see the TWBX workbook and the data to answer this - the solution will depend on the data structure and number of sources but conceptually -

          1. calculate the datediff() between the task start and end - I would use fixed LOD
          2. then convert the datediff to a dimension
          3. Then count the orders



          see the attached superstore example






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