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    How to view a summary of available stock?

    Andy Spink

      I have been tasked with using tableau to create a view of our available stock (property) based on activities about entries within a database. Put simply, if a property is entered as a 'listing' within the activity field, it shows as 'available stock' until another activity entry - Sale - is entered for the same address. This property would then move from available stock into the pipeline.


      So far, I have a calculation that works out whether a property is 'available' by taking away the number of listings from the number of sales. When all the properties are listed in a table, I have a calculation which filters to only display available properties.


      However, when I try and summarise this data to give the total number of available properties, with the total fees, it assumes all data is available stock.


      I have attached a sample workbook with a number of property listings, where some also have a sale record. Please can somebody advise me how I can summarise the fees for just the properties where there hasn't been a subsequent sale?