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    Can't buy more products

    Igor Tsvirkunenko



      Since 5th Oct I'm trying to buy extra licenses (10 creators and 100 viewers), but nobody from known contacts from Tableau company can't help me with this. I tried to reach out to my sales manager, I wrote to the sales dep. via site, but nobody answering for a weeks. Can you help me to figure out, HOW TO GET AN ASSISTANCE in your company? It's ridiculous, that I'm as an existing customer, can't just simply spend my money and buy what i need, instead of that I have to spent hours trying to find some responsible contact in Tableau company and waiting months for any feedback. It's a worst customer experience, which I ever had.

      Please take an action and delegate to me somebody, who can promptly solve my problem without any additional wait.



      Igor Tsvirkunenko

      BI Director

      Namecheap co.