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    "View Data" Window Doesn't Respect Filter

    Ashraf Dahab

      Hi everyone,


      I'm probably missing something here, but I have a data set of projects with various status codes and many columns. I have created many calculated fields in my data model, such as "No. Open Projects" and so on.


      For example, in the code window of the "No. Open Projects" i have something like the below...



      IF [Project Status] = 'Open'

      THEN [Number of Projects]




      [Number of Projects] is just a renamed "Number of Records" in my case.


      So, if I want to simply plot the number of Open projects against total projects or any other measure I can easily drag this new field, and the information is the Viz is correct, i.e. the number is correct.




      When I click on View Data, it's a whole different story!!! I get projects that are Open and Closed! So, if the correct number of Open projects is 2, I get like 25 projects in the "View Data" window, 23 Closed and 2 Open!


      Why is Tableau doing that?