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    Exporting to PDF results in low-resolution images

    Darin Friedrichs

      There are some old posts about this, but none seem to have any solutions so I wanted to ask again.


      The problem I'm having is when exporting a dashboard to PDF the images/logos end up looking terrible, regardless of what resolution you use in the dashboard.


      I've attached test.pdf as an example. The image file I'm using in the dashboard is a 1280 pixel high resolution Tableau logo, but when printing to PDF it ends up looking low-quality and pixelated. It looks pretty bad and I wouldn't want to send that out because it seems like I used a low-res version of the logo.


      For comparison I've also attached test2.pdf which shows how it looks if I add the logo in after using Adobe PDF. This looks so much better, however this isn't a great solution because it's fairly manual.


      Any ideas?