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    Help how to solve this stackbar graph issue ?

    Adam Aliz

      Hi Tableaurs,


      Firstly, I want to group all A as A, and all b as B and all c as C and all d as D


      Secondly,By using month field, i want to break down by sep-18  and oct-18


      Thirdly,I want to create parameter to show the TOP 2 for that both month (sep-18 & oct-18)


      Fourthly,I want to make sure if i type any values in parameter,

      it should show the top for that month. Example , if i key in 3 in the parameter , it should show the top 3 for that respective month. (ie both sep-18 and oct18).

      But what iam seeing is . see the screeshot below




      if you look at the data,  for september month, the top 2 is Category A and Category B . but in the above stack bar view it shows A and D for september Month which is wrong.


      what i want to see is, if key in 2 in that parameter box, it should display the top 2 for Sep-18 month which is A & B and for Oct-18 which is D & A.


      The legend there, it should display the current month legend.


      Kindly help how to get like this in a view?


      Attached is the workbook fyi