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    A Different way to Display the Last Value of a Line Chart

    Kendrix Lima

      So I have a dashboard with a line chart comparing the performance of a stock over time compared to the industry average.  The value of both measures are calculated with a parameter, so the user can input how much they wanted to invest, and I have two fields with LOD calculations to determine the value of that investment and the value of the industry average stock.  I want to be able to clearly show the end value of both.


      I know I can show the most recent mark labels, but the problem I'm having with that is sometimes the stock performs very close to the average, and so the numbers get cluttered.  I tried spacing them apart, but the problem with that is that depending on the stock it might be above average or below average, so the labels get crossed and it becomes confusing.  See below:


      Ideally I would like to add the most recent value as a card, so I could easily float it somewhere on the dashboard, but that doesn't seem to be an option.  Then I thought about creating a simple text column worksheet and adding that into the dashboard, but because I'm using a LOD calculation, it doesn't seem to allow me to hide all the values except for the most recent.  I can filter to only display the most recent value, but that messes with the LOD calculation.


      Any ideas on how I can more cleanly show these last values as a mark or separate box?