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    Color based on calculated value - sizing isn't working correctly - Help?




      I have a "square" table that displays text and I want the background cells to be colored based on the Sum(Total Incurred) for each cell.  The colors seem to be calculating correctly when it's only a small square being displayed.


      Dark Red = $500,000 and more

      Medium Red = $100,000 to $499,000

      Light Red = $99,999 and less


      Attached is a 2013.3 packaged workbook.  When I make the size larger, it makes it too large.  If smaller, then it's just a square and doesn't fill the cell with the listed Sum(Total Incurred).


      Northeastern School District and Fairview School Districts are the ones that I'm focusing on right now.  Claims by Cause, the first sheet, is the problem child.


      I'm missing something simple.


      Thank you.