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    Using Bin Values as a benchmark

    Alex Alperovich

      I have tried to use LODs to get to the solution without any success.I want to use the values of a certain bin as a fixed benchmark to compare other values to.  I've attached a sample data set, and am specifically trying to accomplish the following.


      The benchmark I want to capture is the Retention Rate (Number of Contracts WHERE Returned = 1 / Number of Contracts WHERE Returned = 1 OR 0) when the Change In Price is 0 for every Payment Amount Bin.


      For example this would be the benchmark for Bin 0.


      Payment Amount (bin)ReturnedNumber of ContractsBenchmark


      It's the percentage of total contracts that returned. I am able to calculate this value and hide the Returned = 0 column. However, I am not able to set it as a fixed benchmark value. For example, I want to be able to change the Change In Price slider to 10 and compare the Retention Rate of those values to the benchmark of Change In Price = 0.