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    Drill Down and Sheet Swap Maps


      Hi Guys,

      I have two different state level maps as seen below:


      I also have two zip-code level respective maps for each of these two maps. Basically, I want to be able to drill into a state and have the map become a zip-code level map for the state I select. For example, If I just click 'MI' on the left map, I want to drill down to my sheet where I only have 'MI' zip-codes for quote density. If I click 'MI' on the right map, I'll get conversion rates on the zip-code level for 'MI'. This way, if I drill down on both states in each map, I'll get to compare zip-codes from quotes and zip-codes from conversion rate.


      I only have my two state level sheets in my dashboard right now. Is there a way I can drill down and have the sheets swap in the dashboard? Also, if they can drill down on state to zip-code and the sheets can swap to zip-code level metrics, is there also an action I can create to go back to the views I currently have up above? Hopefully this makes sense. I cannot attach my workbook because of sensitive information. Thanks! Also, FYI I cannot just do a hierarchy in these two sheets above because of the way I have the zip-codes and state levels aggregated (hence why I am asking for drill down actions and sheet swapping from State level to zip-code level and back to state level maps again). Thanks!