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    Tableau Prep - UPC # displaying in scientific notation/rounding down. Help!

    Destiny Vigil



      I am using Tableau Prep to dynamically process a directory of files every month. I am experiencing a strange error with a large UPC number.


      Here is how the number looks in Excel (some items redacted for compliance):

      Notice the number displayed ends with '07'.


      Here is how the number initially pulls into Tableau Prep:


      When I change the type to a number the number looks like this:

      Notice the number now ends in '00'. I don't understand why the number is being rounded?


      GOAL: I want to display this number as a string without scientific notation.


      Is there a way to handle this in Tableau Prep? I have already seen solutions which involve formatting the individual files in Excel. I have no interest in doing this. My goal is to simplify a tedious process, not add more manual steps. Has anyone else come across this issue?