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    How to filter 2 different date dimensions on dual axis chart

    Aaron Blake

      I am trying to create a view that shows a dual axis chart that compares two different date dimensions. Using the Superstore Data, I made a dual axis chart with Order Date and Ship Date on the columns and Number of Records on the rows. I only want to compare the Records from the last 3 years. However, when I add an Order Date filter, there is a discrepancy on the Ship Date Records for January 2016. What should be a value of 99 shows instead as 75. When I exclude the filter, the values are correct. I made views with each of the date fields by themselves to show the difference. I also get a discrepancy when I filter by Ship Date. (see attached)


      I think the problem is that the filter is filtering across the entire row of data. So for example, a record with a Ship Date in Jan 2016 but an order date in Dec 2015 won't be included in the sum because the filter is only including Records with an Order Date from at least Jan 2016. I want to be able to include into the monthly sum the records that were shipped in Jan 2016 but had an earlier order date.


      Is there a way to set up the filters so that they show the correct values over the same period of time? Sorry if this sounds confusing.


      Also, I had to use the superstore excel data source because I am actually working with a much larger confidential Tableau Server data source, so I can't just pivot the data.