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    Top N in each category

    Roy Roongseang



      I am having trouble with getting the Top N within multiple categories. I was able to replicate my issue in the Superstore data set (attached).


      Using the Superstore example, I am trying to get the top 5 states to show up for each region and combine the "Others" in one line that can be collapsed by a parameter.


      I went through the Create Sets for Top N and Others - Tableau page but the problem is that the subset is applied for all states whereas I would like to have a subset for each region.


      For example, the South Region currently does not have any IN states but I want it to show the IN states as: Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, and Kentucky.


      Desired output

      South: Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, and Kentucky

      Central: Texas, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin

      East: New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Massachusetts

      West: California, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon