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    Displaying % label for the Horizontal Axis in Marimekko Chart

    Abhay Ranjan

      Hi Folks - I am creating a marimekko chart with the help of a blog created by Jonathan Drummey in the link : How to build a Marimekko chart in Tableau | Tableau Software


      I was able to create the chart successfully but now I need to show the metric on the horizontal axis as a percentage of total. I tried multiple things like LOD calculations, table calculation etc. but could not get the correct percentage.

      To give some context, I have three dimensions: channel, device and content category and the metric I am using is visits on the website. The top level view is visits by channel , the second view shows  visits
      by device as percentage of total visits by the channel and the third metric is visits by entry category as percentage of total visits by device.


      Effectively in the graph below, in the labels I need to show male and female applicant separately as percentage of total applicant for each department .


      Appreciate all the help in advance.