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    Replicating a member in all years of date range

    Daniel Aguirre



      Currently I have the following issue:


      I have two tables as data source -> Employee table and Claims Table.

      These two can be joined in "Member Id" field.


      I have a "Claim Date", so i can easily draw graphs of Number of Claims per year. (2016, 2017, etc).

      However, on the employee side I only have "Contract start date" and "Contract end date", to know when the person was working at the company.


      How can I graph the total number of employees per year if I only have the date range? (So for example is someone started working on 2015, and left the company starting 2018, this person should be counted on 2015, 2016 and 2017. How can I count this member in all the years within the contract start / contract end date?)


      Later I need this numbers to calculate claim rates (Number of claims/Number of employees), and graph this per year.


      Any thoughts?