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    Placing two sheets on top of each other on dashboard

    Anjali Sn



      I have a dashboard on which I am displaying a filter.

      I have created a worksheet called EmptySheet as follows:

      Marks type - Square. Created a parameter in the sheet called DisplaySheet with List as allowable values & have given two values here: PDFView & TableauView. Next, I have created a filter called ShowHideSheet and only selected PDFView on this filter. Next, I created an empty dimension called Dummy and placed it on the Rows shelf.


      So when PDFView is selected on the DisplaySheet parameter, and white square box appears on the sheet and when TableauView is selected then nothing appears on the sheet.








      I want to place this sheet on top of my filter in the dashboard, such that when I use tabcmd to print the PDF (I'll pass DisplaySheet=PDFView as URL filter), the filter does not appear in the PDF. This is working fine, but the problem I'm facing is that I'm unable to use the filter on the dashboard i.e., the dropdown is not doing anything. If I do EmptySheet send to Back then the filter hiding functionality does not work. Any ideas how I can achieve this??