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    How to create a text table with column names across the top

    ryan carey



      I am trying to make a very simple visualization, but have trouble. I have an "ID" field that I'd like to be a column, so each row has a single ID, and then I would like multiple measures going across the table to the right of it, but I am getting odd results.


      For example, I'm seeing this:


      But if I click on the "view data" option in the table, what it shows there is basically exactly how I would like the actual table in the worksheet to look:


      Just without the "Measure Names" with "No Measure Value" being there as a column. I just want House ID, and then the aggregated measure fields (Bonus Amt, First Bal, Num Bonus) to the right, with their measure names as the column names. I cannot seem to figure out how to do this, is it possible? I do not want multiple measures per row as in the first screenshot, and I'm not sure what Measure Names only is populated with "No Measure Value"


      Thank you for any info.