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    Using a parameter to show a summation without showing individual values

    Brooke Wollam

      Hi Tableau community,


      I've created a parameter with the following values, and it is supposed to show the corresponding values on the graph: Engineering Center, Region, Business Group. The parameter has been connected to the graph, but not in the way I'd like it displayed. I cannot get the line to show an accurate total sum to go along with the parameter - instead it shows a breakdown of each region, business group, etc.


      So far, I've created a dual axis chart to attempt to display the total summation, along with the (unnecessary) breakdown of location and such. However, this total summation value is not dynamic like I need it to be. Instead of showing the total of all values, I want this line to represent the values on the graph alone, and sum those values. I.e. if one of the months has very little or no data, I want this reflected in the total summation line.


      I want the (accurate) summation alone on the graph, and I've created a filter so the user can choose to see an individual region, etc. if deeper analysis is required.


      Let me know if this is possible or if you have any tips.