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    Joining variables from different tables - matching 4 variables from 2 columns




      I have two tables - Demographics data and Tobacco status data- joined by an inner join. I need to visualize distribution by urban / rural location and smoking status

      The urban - rural distribution is in column "Q4 Urbanrural Multiple Choice Question" specifies a survey takers geographical location- Urban , Rural or Refused response . Smoking status is in column "Q6S Smoke Multiple Choice Question" - with variables 1. yes, 2. no etc. I used Q4 Urbanrural Multiple Choice Question as a dimension and Q6S  Smoke Multiple Choice Question as a value. It appears that the value is just reflecting count from "Q6S Smoke Multiple Choice Question" and not segregating it by matching it to column "Q4 Urbanrural Multiple Choice Question". Do I need a calculated field? If so how will I calculated number of people smoking in urban population versus rural?


      Please find my workbook attached.