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    Newbie question: Is filtering on multiple outcomes possible?

    Rebecca Ortega

      Hi all,


      I'm a Tableau newbie, so bear with me here. I've created 16 different visualizations on teacher quality and I've been tasked with figuring out a way to make this more interactive on my org's website.  (Context: I'm a grad student in anthropology with zero web-dev experience.)


      We have the following measures for variable year ranges:


      -Proportion of students exposed to novice teachers

      -Value-added score

      -Value added score with classroom controls

      -Certification test scores

      -Proportion of students exposed to lower-quartile value-added teachers

      -Proportion of students exposed to lower-quartile value-added teachers with classroom controls

      -Proportion of students exposed to teachers with lower-quartile certification scores


      Each outcome is measured at the building and the district levels between minority/non-minority students and low-income/non low income students.


      The ultimate goal per my supervisor is to have a way on the website for users to pick from 2 drop down menus what measures they are interested in and have that populate the Tableau figure automatically.  For example, I would select experience and minority status, which would populate the graph of experience by year for minority/non-minority students at both the building and district levels.


      Is this functionality possible to make in Tableau? Or is it, as I suspect, more of a website construction question?



      Your friendly neighborhood Tableau newb

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          Jim Dehner


          First welcome to Tableau and the forum


          Filtering excludes values from the data - sets will group the data into In and out of the set

          At the recent tableau conference there was an excellent presentation that speaks to your problem


          see the link https://tc18.tableau.com/learn/sessions/32200


          there are to added links -at that site - one to a you tube replay of the session and the other to a workbook  the video is about 1 hour but it will take you through step by step on how to create sets and use Set - Actions (introduced in 2018.3) that are the key to doing what you want


          enjoy the video she is very good



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            Paul Wachtler

            Hi Rebecca,


            You can accomplish this using parameters.  Create two parameters - they'll each be a list of your measure names.  One will be used as the y axis (x axis is already the year in your case) and one will be used on the color mark.


            For your y axis, create a calculated field that is something like:


            case [parameter 1]

            when "Experience" then [Experience]

            when "Proportion of students exposed to novice teachers" then [Proportion of students exposed to novice teachers]

            ....... (add all your other values as separate lines here)




            You would then create a second calculated field exactly like the first for your color mark.


            Drop the y-axis value onto rows, the year onto columns, and your color mark calculation onto the color mark.  When the user selects values from the parameters it will change what is shown on the x-axis, and the color mark calculation will break out the lines accordingly.


            Here's more information on parameters as well:

            Create Parameters - Tableau