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    Missing counties in Sweden

    Nils Larsson



      I have a datasource which consists of data on county level in Sweden. Tableau interprets one of the fields, "kommun", as a location and assigns the geographical role ”County” to that field. Tableau then finds matching locations for 288 of the 290 Swedish counties. Two of the counties are blank on the map. Their names are very similar "Habo" and "Håbo", the latter with the special swedish character ”å”. I have tried to assign latitude and longitude values in the "Edit locations" dialog box but it just gives me the center points of the county polygon areas. It’s not an openstreetmap issue. Their search engine finds both Habo and Håbo without problems.


      Is there a fix for this issue? It’s very handy not always having to add a spatial file to your data source.


      The workbook is saved in Tableau 2018.3.






      Nils Larsson