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    Connecting to SQL Server Views via Tableau

    Robert O'Connell

      A question regarding data connection to SQL server. Please forgive me if my database terminology is not exact.

            I am working with a data team who has developed a schema and populated tables that are located in the Tables folder of the schema layout on the SQL DB server.  Due to the arrangement of the schema, I ask for a couple of premade Views which they were kind enough to make and these are located (by SQL Server convention I think) in a table named Views.  The problem is that when connected to SQL Server, Tableau only seems to point to /accesses the Tables folder making all schema tables visible for use within Tableau but it does not "see" the Views table.  This is the 1st time this team has worked with Tableau and right now, and they are not familiar with how to fix the access issue.  I have used what the DBA views within other database products (not at my current location) and did not seem to have a problem..

      - Has anybody run into the same problem?
      - If so, is there a way for Tableau, acting as a client, to "see' the existing views in the Views folder.
      - I.e., is there something the data team can do or is there a config/access approach on the Tableau client side?