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    Cluster controller and Coordination service

    Koti D

      Hi Team,


      Can any one explain about (functionality ) Cluster controller and Coordination service ? these both are same ?



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          Jeff Strauss

          Hi Koti.  Both are built-in processes that don't really require any configuration, and they are similar so I understand any confusion that there may be.



          Cluster controller you can think of as the overarching monitoring of the system and if there are issues, then I think it will send out emails of up and down status for each of the processes.  Also, when you move around processes between nodes in a cluster, I think this is the process that handles the associated work.


          Coordination service comes into play more so for high availability (minimum of 3 nodes) clusters.  It's built on top of open source Apache zookeeper and it ensures that there is a quorum of available nodes, and if not it attempts to initiate work to failover the repository and data engine as needed.




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