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    Refresh Extracts Based on Trigger Instead of time

    Kashish Bhola

      Hi Community,


      I really Need your help with this topic, Below I've described my whole scenario-

      • I am using 2 databases HIVE and VERTICA and I have published it to tableau server(2018.2.2) then i have appended the data for the automation purpose.
      • As per our automation we kept Vertica's data in Tableau Server for Refreshing and for Appending the Hive's data we made a python script ( which 1st creates a tde file and then appends it to the Vertica which is kept in Tableau Server). So the process of the refresh is like, Firstly the Vertica's data gets refreshed with the help of the scheduler in tableau server at 9:30 AM and then the python script runs with the help of the scheduler that has been set in the linux system for 10:00AM.
      • Now , I wants that the process of Refreshing the extract should not be time based instead it should be based on the Source data availability (Trigger) i.e whenever the source data is ready/available  the vertica should get refreshed and then the python script should run.
      • Also, the client wants to know that how we can refresh the extracts without using tableau server (i.e with Tabcmd/tsm commands) scheduler for the automation and how can we check the completion status of the scheduled refresh extracts (which are running in Tableau Server).
      • Is there any script which can refresh my extracts?


      Your inputs will be really helpful for me!


      Thanks & Regards

      Kashish Bhola