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    Trying to mimic sumproduct function from Excel

    Anuka Teggart

      Hello fellow Tableau-ians,


      I am using version 2018.3.0 and am trying to multiply row by row then sum two columns with different axes (one is MY Date and the other is Reorder Month based on a datediff).


      This was done easily using Excel and the sumproduct function which I have attached.


      In the also attached example tableau workbook I am trying to multiply sheet 1 by sheet 2 then sum the results.


      The latest month in sheet 1 (in this case Sept 2018) should correspond and be multiplied by the % in reorder month 0 (from sheet 2).

      This should then follow with Aug 2018 multiplied by reorder month 1 and so on.

      The result of all these multiplications should be added together to form the result for one future month (like in the example excel spreadsheet).

      This should then be repeatable for further future months based on the addition of new CNTD(CustomerName) predictions.


      Any questions, please let me know.