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    How to aggregate already aggregated filed

    Divya Bhati

      My requirement is to sum already aggregated filed


      Region   Count of customer   % of count customer

      Central     2323                         23.24%

      East         2848                          28.50%

      South       1620                          16.21%

      West         3203                          32.05%


      Now on following condition i wanted to sum:


      If [Region]='Central ' OR [Region]= 'East' then sum[% of count customer]

      elseif [Region]='South' OR [Region]= 'west' then sum[% of count customer]



      But tableau throwing error on this saying "cannot SUM already aggregated filed "

      but my requirement is to cumulative sum of % on based of following condition.


      Giving sample super store example as cannot expose client data.


      Datasource : Sample Superstore

      Please help me as soon as possible.

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