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    Change Background color of entire cell

    Ronak Modh

      Hello Community,


      I have a problem; I built a worksheet with simple tabular chart (not from show me, refer my chart below.) and now I wanted a cell background with diverging red as the % Sales Last Week increases. I followed certain guidelines to do this but when I apply it, my entire cell background does not reflect the desired color and part of it remains white. Any suggestions to overcome this? Due to large amount of business data coming from server, I can not attach twbx files. But I am attaching all possible screenshot of the hack I did to achieve the result as follows:


      1.) see how my row and column shelf as well as mark shelf looks like before applying the hack to change cell background color:


      2.) Now first step in the process of changing cell background color is to put the desired calculated filed on marks -> color as follows: (Please note that rest all is same as above view)



      3.)  Create a new calculated field called "Calculation 4" with 1;  it is just a placement holder and put it on marks -> Size as follows: (Please note that rest all is same as above view)




      4.) I increased the size to maximum after putting Calculation 4 on marks. Also, I selected the Stepped Red color as per my need.


      5.) And I got this view:



      6.) In order to amend it, I selected Format -> Cell Size -> Taller/Bigger (all permutations and combinations; trust me none of this worked when you see view in presentation mode). It looked like below:


      Note: As you see inside test is not visible even. I have 4 lines of test in each cell if you look at original view in step 1.


      7.) I went ahead and changed the size of the cell manually but that also not giving me the desired result as once we select different filters as you see on right side in above view there are filters to select region/country/organization, etc..., it does not give you the desired result. I ended up being disappointed with the below view:



      This is not I am looking for. I need the entire cell with the background color instead of partial. Kindly help. I have tried to replicate all steps what I did as I can not attach tableau workbook.


      Looking forward to get a quick response as its really urgent. Anyone who can help?