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    Auto refresh of webpage on filter selection

    Sairam MVV

      Hi Every one,


      I have a dashboard with multiple URL's of companies.


      Now the requirement is, on selecting one of company name through filter option on dashoard, webpage should auto refresh to that particular company URL.


      On selecting "T", webpage should autorefresh to 'www.tableau.com'

      On selecting "Y" webpage should autofresh to 'www.Yahoo.com'


      Attaching sample workbook for reference.

      Below are screen shots..


      On selecting 'G' from Name filter, agin i have to select on sheet to webpage refresh. and same with other names aswell.




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          Tim Dines

          I cannot open your example due to security at my current location.  Based on your description above, I would create a parameter rather than filtering the web site names.  Use the parameter to create a sheet swap.  That still will not force the pages to auto refresh, but it will be cleaner than going to a sheet with the name of the site before going to the site.