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    Data blending - Tableau server and Excel sheet

    Raoul Verhaegen

      Hi All,

      I need to monitor progress towards a goal. Data related to the goals is stored on an Excel spreadsheet, while the actual data (how well we are doing) is on the Tableau server.


      To do this dashboard, I have blended the data from these 2 data sources. The targets spreadsheet is the primary source while the Tableau server is the secondary source. This is because I need data from the targets to prevail.


      E.g. when we have not made any progress towards the goal, which means the data in the Tableau server is null, I still need it to show up as such, because we need to know that information.


      Now according to the knowledge base, a left join is performed when data is blended.


      However my problem is that when I blend the data from my spreadsheet and the Tableau server, it behaves like an inner join! When no progress is made towards the goal, the goal is ignored and therefore it shows a more optimistic picture of what the situation really is.


      Has anybody encountered the same situation ? I would attach a packaged workbook in another circumstance, but this seems to be a problem that is related to these two kinds of data sources, which I cannot give access to someone external to my organisation.


      Thanks in advance.


      Kind regards,