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    Yelp Data Connector

    Tableau Learner

      Hi all,


      i'm very new to data connectors and programming so i'm attempting to create a yelp data connector.

      I tested the API using postman and it works fine.

      Here's the API Documentation: Business Search Endpoint - Yelp Fusion


      I copied the following code snippets into my Yelp.js. The simulator works with the Earth quake sample that i have but not the one i created.


      The API also needs an API key which i added into my Yelp.js file.

      When i press get data, the WDC Validation error pop up appears.


      Here are the error messages in the console.

      Would appreciate if anyone can shed some light into this.


      Here is my tableau schema


      Trying to get the following information from the API



      Do let me know if you need more information.