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    Tableau Dashboard help

    Padma TK

      Hi All,

      I am a novice and need some general understanding of how tableau works when i try to publish dashboard to a server.

      I have no issues creating a dashboard from my tableau desktop and my data sources are coming from a postgres db and other dashboard has a script that runs and creates an excel sheet with all data and i supply that to the dashboard.

      My question is:

      1. for postgres db as source how do i create a dashboard in destop and publish it to tableau server with refreshed data every 15 min or can i get live data? so when i create a dashboard using my desktop with postgres as my source, even when i close my tableau desktop, it still refreshes the data directly from postgres db or because i used my tableau desktop to publish, in this case my tableau desktop has to be present always to run this publish live?


      2. same question for my excel as source for my dashboard? where do i put in my excel file ? in my local desktop computer or can it be in a linux server ?


      I know these questions are very basic, but i hope somebody can enlighten me on how actually the publish works and where the data should reside and is it dependant on my local tableau desktop?


      Thanks in advance.