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    Calculation-field missing

    Ritesh Bisht

      Little strange ,just trying to see if anyone has encountered case like this where I can see a valid calculated field



      IF [COB DATE] =


          IF (([Parameters].[Parameter 6] < [Parameters].[Select Date 1 (copy)]) AND [DATE_DIFF_OF_COBs] > 1)

          THEN [D_min_cob_date]

          ELSEIF (([Parameters].[Parameter 6] > [Parameters].[Select Date 1 (copy)]) AND [DATE_DIFF_OF_COBs] < -1)

          THEN [D_2ndmax_cob_date]





      But, I can't see the [Parameters].[Parameter 6] anywhere at the sheet/dashboard


      Also if I type in parameter...inside the calculation no prompt is coming up (which should allow me to select [Parameters].[Parameter 6]) but when i copy paste [Parameters].[Parameter 6] , it works well inside the calculation as above