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    Need a way to eliminate the 'Hiding of Dimension' when using the CNTD function

    Durga Patsa

      Hi All,


      I have a specific requirement like below.


      I have a calculated field which was calculated using many other calculations and it is a percentage. (%Physical Difference). I also need to create a calculated filed to show the percentage of this with different colors. For that I have created a field called 'Threshold Check'


      Now I need to show the count of Sites for which the Threshold Check is < -5%.


      I thought I have done it correctly but every time the date filter is changed, the CNTD function returning '1' for all the new sites that are getting added to the dataset and also the distinct count of sites which has threshold <-5%. It's a Live files and data is keeps coming.


      Is there anyway where it will automatically counts the sites which fall in the category without manually hiding the those individual rows.? Please advise.


      It's a live confidential file and that why I didn't attach the report. If you want to see data, I can do some work around to show the data.




      If you see below, when the Sites are not added, it's showing the correct grand total of CNTD(%Physical Diff). When the new Sites are added, it's showing the individual CNTD of each site at top and a grand total of CNTD(%Physical Diff).



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